SharePoint Quick Access URL

Users and Permissions:
People and Groups: _layouts/people.aspx>
Site Collection Admins: _layouts/mngsiteadmin.aspx
Advanced Permissions: _layouts/user.aspx
Master Pages: _Layouts/ChangeSiteMasterPage.aspx


Look and Feel:
Title, Desc, and Icon: _layouts/prjsetng.aspx
Navigation: _layouts/AreaNavigationSettings.aspx
Page Layout and Ste Templates: _Layouts/AreaTemplateSettings.aspx
Welcome Page: _Layouts/AreaWelcomePage.aspx
Tree View: _layouts/navoptions.aspx
Top Nav Bar: _layouts/topnav.aspx
Site Theme: _layouts/themeweb.aspx
Reset to Site Definition: _layouts/reghost.aspx
Searchable Columns: _Layouts/NoCrawlSettings.aspx
Site Content Types: _layouts/mngctype.aspx


Site Columns: _layouts/mngfield.aspx
Site Templates: _catalogs/wt/Forms/Common.aspx
List Templates: _catalogs/lt/Forms/AllItems.aspx
Web Parts: _catalogs/wp/Forms/AllItems.aspx
Workflows: _layouts/wrkmng.aspx
Master Pages and Page Layouts: _catalogs/masterpage/Forms/AllItems.aspx
Regoinal Settings: _layouts/regionalsetng.aspx


Site Administration
Site Libraries and Lists: _layouts/mcontent.aspx
Site Usage Report: _layouts/usageDetails.aspx
User Alerts: _layouts/sitesubs.aspx
RSS: _layouts/siterss.aspx
Search Visibility: _layouts/srchvis.aspx
Sites and Workspaces: _layouts/mngsubwebs.aspx
Site Features: _layouts/ManageFeatures.aspx
Delete This Site: _layouts/deleteweb.aspx
Site Output Cache: _Layouts/areacachesettings.aspx
Content and Structure: _Layouts/sitemanager.aspx
Content and Structure Logs: _Layouts/SiteManager.aspx?lro=all
Search Settings: _layouts/enhancedSearch.aspx


Site Collection Administration
Search Scopes: _layouts/viewscopes.aspx?mode=site
Search Keywords: _layouts/listkeywords.aspx
Recycle Bin: _layouts/AdminRecycleBin.aspx
Site Collection Features: _layouts/ManageFeatures.aspx?Scope=Site
Site Hierachy: _layouts/vsubwebs.aspx
Portal Site Connection: _layouts/portal.aspx
Site Collection Audit Settings: _layouts/AuditSettings.aspx
Site Collection Policies: _layouts/Policylist.aspx
Site Collection Cache Profiles: Cache%20Profiles/AllItems.aspx
Site Collection Output Cache: _Layouts/sitecachesettings.aspx
Site Collection Object Cache: _Layouts/objectcachesettings.aspx
Variations: _Layouts/VariationSettings.aspx
Variation Labels: _Layouts/VariationLabels.aspx
Translatable Columns: _Layouts/TranslatableSettings.aspx
Variation Logs: _Layouts/VariationLogs.aspx
Site Settings: _layouts/settings.aspx


Function Add to the URL Notes
Add Web Parts Pane ?ToolPaneView=2 Add to the end of the page URL; will only work if the page is already checked out
Create [area]/_layouts/spscreate.aspx
Create /_layouts/create.aspx
Create list in a different portal area /_layouts/new.aspx?
When you save a template in a portal area and try to create a new list in a different portal area, the template will not show on the Create page. Use this URL to force it to show.
Documents and Lists /_layouts/viewlsts.aspx
List Template Gallery /_catalogs/lt
Manage Audiences /_layouts/Audience_Main.aspx
Manage Cross Site Groups /_layouts/mygrps.aspx
Manage List Template Gallery /_catalogs/lt/Forms/AllItems.aspx
Manage My Alerts /_layouts/MySubs.aspx
Manage People /_layouts/people.aspx
Manage Site Collection Administrators /_layouts/mngsiteadmin.aspx
Manage Site Collection Users /_layouts/siteusrs.aspx To access you must be an admin on the server or a site collection admin for the site.
Manage Site Groups /_layouts/role.aspx
Manage Site Template Gallery /_catalogs/wt/Forms/AllItems.aspx
Manage Site Template Gallery /_catalogs/wt/Forms/Common.aspx
Manage Sites and Workspaces /_layouts/mngsubwebs.aspx
Manage User Alerts /_layouts/AlertsAdmin.aspx
Manage User Alerts /_layouts/SiteSubs.aspx
Manage User Permissions /_layouts/user.aspx
Manage Web Part Gallery /_catalogs/wp/Forms/AllItems.aspx
Master Page Gallery /_catalogs/masterpage Also includes Page Layouts
Modify Navigation /_layouts/AreaNavigationSettings.aspx
Recycle Bin /_layouts/AdminRecycleBin.aspx
Save as site template /_layouts/savetmpl.aspx
Site Column Gallery /_layouts/mngfield.aspx
Site Content and Structure Manager /_layouts/sitemanager.aspx
Site Content Types /_layouts/mngctype.aspx
Site Settings /_layouts/settings.aspx
Site Settings /_layouts/default.aspx
Site Template Gallery /_catalogs/wt
Site Theme /_layouts/themeweb.aspx
Site usage details /_layouts/UsageDetails.aspx
Site Usage Summary /_layouts/SpUsageWeb.aspx
Site Usage Summary /_layouts/Usage.aspx
Sites Registry /SiteDirectory/Lists/Sites/Summary.aspx
Top-level Site Administration /_layouts/webadmin.aspx
User Information /_layouts/userinfo.aspx
Web Part Gallery /_catalogs/wp
Web Part Page Maintenance ?contents=1 Add to the end of the page URL
Workflows /_layouts/wrkmng.aspx


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