SharePoint Add-ins new name for Apps for SharePoint

Sharepoint-2013-LogoMicrosoft updating their products, documentation, samples, and other resources to reflect the platform name change from “apps for Office and SharePoint” to “Office and SharePoint Add-ins”. They made this change to better distinguish the extension platform from Office apps (applications). For your reference, the following table lists the names that are changing and the new names.


Original name New name Applies to
apps for Office Office Add-ins Office
mail app for Outlook Outlook Add-in Office
app for Excel Excel Add-in Office
app for PowerPoint PowerPoint Add-in Office
app for Word Word Add-in Office
Office App Model Office Add-in Model Office
apps for SharePoint SharePoint Add-ins SharePoint
SharePoint App Model SharePoint Add-in Model SharePoint
app part add-in part SharePoint
app web add-in web SharePoint

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