Logic Apps V2 will be releasing on May 2021

Microsoft confirmed that they will be going general availability (GA) in May 2021.

With Azure Logic Apps Preview, you can build automation and integration solutions across apps, data, cloud services, and systems by creating and running logic apps that include stateful and stateless workflows by using the new Logic App (Preview) resource type. With this new logic app type, you can build multiple workflows that are powered by the redesigned Azure Logic Apps Preview runtime, which provides portability, better performance, and flexibility for deploying and running in various hosting environments, not only Azure, but also Docker containers.

How is this possible? The redesigned runtime uses the Azure Functions extensibility model and is hosted as an extension on the Azure Functions runtime. This architecture means that you can run the new logic app type anywhere that Azure Functions runs. You can host the redesigned runtime on almost any network topology, and choose any available compute size to handle the necessary workload that’s required by your workflows. For more information, see Introduction to Azure Functions and Azure Functions triggers and bindings. Read More

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