How do you delete Visual Studio Online/TFS Workspace

Deleting another user’s Workspaces

How to open Visual Studio Command Prompt?

To remove such an orphaned workspace perform the following steps:

1) Open a Visual Studio command prompt, so that “tf” command can be executed. The full documentation for tf can found for Visual Studio 2015 under Use Team Foundation version control commands.

2) Invoke “tf workspaces” for all workspace owners (hence command-line option /computer:*) and all computers (hence command-line option /owner:*):

tf workspaces /computer:* /owner:* /collection:

The output for this command will be as follows
Workspace     Owner                Computer      Comment
————- ——————– ————- ——-
Contractor-PC Asish Punnose             Contractor-PC
Desktop101    Asish Punnose Narkiewicz Desktop101
LaptopUltra   Patrick Berry Narkiewicz LaptopUltra

The output generated by “tf workspaces” shows a workspace for Patrick Berry, the developer who was no longer with the firm.

3) Invoke “tf workspace /delete” to remove the other user’s workspace:
tf workspace /delete “LaptopUltra”;”Patrick Berry” /collection:
The workspace and username were specified as: <workspace><semi-colon><username>. Double quotes were used to include the space in the username “Patrick Berry” and to make sure that the dash in workspace, LaptopUltra, was interpreted correctly by tf.

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