Difference between Technical Lead and Development Lead

Technical Lead Development Lead
Delivering a relevant technical solution based on best practice / experience / similar projects Involvement in the Pre-sales engagement of the solution. This could include producing demo and/or Proof of Concept (PoC) or supporting Request for Proposals (RFPs).Provide technical review of the solution for Solution Review Panels (SRPs)Estimations of the development components required for the entire solution.Work with the project manager to support project plans and correct resource and time allocation.

Support the project manager to keep the project on time and budget.

Technical advisor to the project manager, test manager and/or business.

Lead the technical best practices and principles and make sure they are adhered to.

Identify project risks and assumptions

Oversee the work being done by any other developers and work with the development lead.

Support the entire development methodology process

Responsible for the technical governance for the project

Management of technical tasks required for the project

Primary escalation resource for technical issues

Conducting code reviews for the development team

Lead the project development teamØ Escalate any technical issues, roadblocks or project risks to the Technical LeadMeet with the Technical Lead on a regular basis to discuss the development quality measures for the project and assess that the best practices are being adhered toProvide the relevant development tools to the developers on the teamBe responsible for the code being developed by the developers

Manage the quality of the code being developed by the developers

Conduct code reviews with the developers within the development team

Develop the initial framework or platform of the solution which each developer will use to build the solution

Mentor the developers on the development team

Support the Technical Lead with estimations relating to the specialised areas or components

Ensure code is documented where applicable or required

Responsible for the health of the build server

Lead the daily stand-up or scrum meetings

Lead the deployments to each environment within the development lifecycle

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