How to validate jwt token from Azure AD B2C in Azure API Management (APIM)?

<validate-jwt header-name=”Authorization” failed-validation-httpcode=”401″ failed-validation-error-message=”Unauthorized. Access token is missing or invalid.”> <openid-config url=”” /> <audiences> <audience>b33b3ba3-c921-4599-b648-57e9c5e023f</audience> </audiences> <issuers> <issuer></issuer> </issuers> </validate-jwt>

List out all triggers in a SQL Server database

Execute the below query to get the list of triggers SELECT AS trigger_name ,USER_NAME(sysobjects.uid) AS trigger_owner , AS table_schema ,OBJECT_NAME(parent_obj) AS table_name ,OBJECTPROPERTY( id, ‘ExecIsUpdateTrigger’) AS isupdate ,OBJECTPROPERTY( id, ‘ExecIsDeleteTrigger’) AS isdelete ,OBJECTPROPERTY( id, ‘ExecIsInsertTrigger’) AS isinsert ,OBJECTPROPERTY( id, ‘ExecIsAfterTrigger’) AS isafter ,OBJECTPROPERTY( id,… Read More