Visual Studio 2017 SSDT Installation issues

[368C:1D24][2018-05-22T13:26:24]e000: Error 0x80131509: Process returned error: 0x80131509 [368C:1D24][2018-05-22T13:26:24]e000: Error 0x80131509: Failed to execute EXE package. [3BC8:20B4][2018-05-22T13:26:24]e000: Error 0x80131509: Failed to configure per-machine EXE package. [3BC8:20B4][2018-05-22T13:26:24]i000: MainViewModel.OnPackageAction: Install Completed for package SQL Server Reporting Services (id: Microsoft.DataTools.ReportingServices) [3BC8:20B4][2018-05-22T13:26:24]i319: Applied execute package: Microsoft.DataTools.ReportingServices, result: 0x80131509, restart: None… Read More

SQL Server Different Versions

  Version Most recent service pack Latest Cumulative Update Complete version information SQL Server 2014 SQL Server 2014 SP1 (12.0.4100.1 – May 2015) CU 6 for 2014 SP1 (12.0.4449.0 –April 2016) CU13 for 2014 RTM (12.0.2568.0 –April 2016) SQL Server 2014 builds SQL Server 2012 SQL Server 2012… Read More