{“code”:”InvalidTemplateDeployment”,”message”:”The template deployment ‘Microsoft.Web-FunctionApp-Portal-b06e931b-bcdb’ is not valid according to the validation procedure. The tracking id is ‘4d7b14aa-8133-4818-aa26-2ca3dab75b77’. See inner errors for details.”,”details”:[{“code”:”ValidationForResourceFailed”,”message”:”Validation failed for a resource. Check ‘Error.Details[0]’ for more information.”,”details”:[{“code”:”MaxNumberOfServerFarmsInResourceGroup”,”message”:”The maximum number of ServerFarms allowed in a Resource Group is 100.”}]}]}

Validate Azure ARM Templates

1, JSONLint to validate the JSON Syntax of the ARM Template2, Azure Resource Group Deployment Task to validate against the Schema and Resource Group 3, az group deployment validate \–resource-group ${resourceGroup} \–template-file ${tpl} \–parameters ${tplParams}

What is Azure Blueprints?

Simplify largescale Azure deployments by packaging key environment artifacts, such as Azure Resource Manager templates, role-based access controls and policies, in a single blueprint definition. Easily apply the blueprint to new subscriptions and environments, and fine-tune control and management through versioning.