Logic App SQL Connector (Azure)- Please create new connection with VNET Private Endpoint

{“status”: 404,“source”: “https://logic-apis-australiaeast.token.azure-apim.net:443/tokens/logic-apis-australiaeast/c08521edf6a2297f/sql/b27996f6a1cd4fc2a97aa47815f7f5ce/exchange”,“message”: “Error from token exchange: The connection (logic-apis-australiaeast/sql/b27996f6a1cd4fc2a97aa47815f7fwr6) is not found. Please create new connection and change your application to use the new connection.”} Solution: Only Built-in connectors supports VNET integration and private endpoint

Logic Apps (Preview) Workflows missing

Getting following warning while deploying from Visual Studio code through Azure extension 6:37:58 AM: WARNING: Deployment succeeded, but failed to list http trigger urls. Solution:- Check the storage account associated with the logic apps does have private endpoint enabled. If so please ensure that the associated storage account has private link resource types enabled for files… Read More