Angular App with Visual Studio 2017, ASP.NET Core and Angular CLI

Angular Development Environment on Visual Studio 2017 with ASP.NET Core & Angular CLI(Command Line Interface)

How do you create Angular components using command with Visual Studio 2017?

1, Open Visual Studio 2017 –> New Project –> Select Web –> Select ASP.NET Core Web Application –> Click OK

Select Angular –> Click OK

Solution Explorer, ClientApp folder is the root folder for Angular

2, Install Angular CLI globally by going to  C Drive C:\ npm install -g @angular/[email protected]
3, Install Angular CLI as a dev dependency by going to project root folder(Administrator mode) C:\Users\Asish\source\repos\AngularApp\AngularApp
npm install --save-dev @angular/[email protected]
4, Create .angular-cli.json file by  go to command prompt C:\ ng new default
5, Go to C:\default  copy .angular-cli.json file and paste to the visual studio root folder
6, Change root value as ClientApp, name value as your project name(e.g.AngularApp) 
 7, Go to your components  folder in command prompt(Administrator mode) C:\Users\Asish\source\repos\AngularApp\AngularApp\ClientApp\app\components>
ng g c componentName --module=app.shared.module

8, Student component files got created. Happy Coding!


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