Angular 2 Visual Studio Template for ASP.NET Core Application

If you want to build a brand-new ASP.NET Core app that uses Angular 2 / React / Knockout on the client, consider starting with the aspnetcore-spa generator. This lets you choose your client-side framework, and generates a starting point that includes applicable features such as Webpack dev middleware, server-side prerendering, and efficient production builds. It’s much easier than configuring everything to work together manually!

To do this, first install Yeoman and these generator templates:

npm install -g yo generator-aspnetcore-spa

Then you can generate your new application starting point:

cd some-empty-directory
yo aspnetcore-spa

Finally, once the generator has run and restored all the dependencies, you can start up your new ASP.NET Core Single Page Application:

dotnet run 


Microsoft Javascript Services for Angular 2:

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